Tetyana Kolomiyets

About Me

As a dual degree student of Game Design & Development at Rochester Inst. of Technology, my passion lies in creating casual and story-driven games. Along with my BS/MS major, I study Mobile Development as my minor with the goal of producing useful applications for mobile devices.

With the knowledge I gain, I hope to master the the skills needed to produce quality experiences on both mobile and home platforms.

Programming Projects

The Original Mobile Games

A digital collection of original handheld dexterity games from as early as 1889. The games range in difficulty and mechanics but all utilize the smartphone's gyro sensors to simulate the physics of the original dexterity games.

In a team of four, we developed approximately 40 games, about 20 of which were finalized and shipped as five packs included in the mobile app. We took trips to the Museum to play the actual games and compared and adjusted the physics of the mobile games to the originals to ensure that the phone versions felt the as close to real as possible.

Individual contributions
  • Adjustment of in-game physics to fit the original versions
  • Implementations of UI elements
  • Custom win states for different games
  • Bug Fixing
  • Team Management
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Role Playing Dogs

An Android clicker game in which the player taps on their dogs to fight against evil cats. The player can customize their team by summoning new dogs with Bones, which the player earns by beating levels. The player can play any of the six available levels, fight four different kinds of cats, and collect four different types of dogs slong with their rare counterparts.

  • Unit Summoning
  • Roster Building
  • Custom Data Loading
  • Persistent Data between scenes
  • Battle Logic & Implementation
  • Enemy AI

Food Finders

A class project focusing on learning to use external APIs to create web applications. For this project I chose to do an application that would search for dish recipes based on an ingredient and some dietary options with the help of Edamam API. Additionally the application would show you grocery stores near your current location with the use of Google Maps API.

Individual contributions
  • Choose Calorie Range
  • Choose Diet Type
  • Search by Ingerdient
  • Search my Dish Name
Edamam API


A competitive farming board game created in a group of four. Each player purchases seeds that need to be planted in a specified pattern to earn gold. A planting season is over once all players quit planting, season's yield is counted and players can start buying and planting on a newly empty plot of land. There are four seasons and previous season's yields create restrictions for the next season. Team info

Individual contributions
  • Introduced the game to the idea of Farming
  • Ensured factual accuracy
  • Assisted in visual design
  • Playtesting

Game Art

Independent Study

A 1-person independent study focusing on exploration of Unity's Anima2D as means to creat skeleton animations instead of sprite-based ones. Emphasis is put on visual design while working on a story driven platformer adventuge.

The Gristmill

This is the Capstone project that is part of the Graduate Degree in Game Design and Development. My personal focus on this team of 6 is to create environment assets for the card-based strategy game. This includes creating a variety of textures and drawing to go on the cards such as monsters.

Home Grown

Game made for the Global Game Jam 2019. I worked with 3 other teammates and produces the art assets for the game. A lot of work was put into creating a variety of options for the team to choose from.


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